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What are the commonly used capacitors?


Capacitors are common electronic components that are widely used in various circuits and devices. They are used for functions such as storing and releasing electric charge, adjusting the operating frequency of the circuit and filtering. The following are some commonly used capacitor types:

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What is the function and use of a capacitor?


Capacitor is the most commonly used equipment in circuit design, and it is one of the passive components. Simply put, an active device is a device that needs an energy (electricity) source called an active device, and a device that does not require a power source is a passive device. Capacitors also often play an important role in high-speed circuits.

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To reduce the electricity cost of enterprises, the country's first "electricity bill steward" is launched


In order to optimize the development environment of private enterprises, solve problems and do practical things for private enterprises, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power launched the country's first digital service product that integrates intelligent energy consumption diagnosis and precise personalized service -- "Electricity Bill Manager" in our city. ", to help enterprises carry out "one-key physical examination", reduce the cost of electricity consumption of private enterprises, and support the development of small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.

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