To reduce the electricity cost of enterprises, the country's first "electricity bill steward" is launched


  In order to optimize the development environment of private enterprises, solve problems and do practical things for private enterprises, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power launched the country's first digital service product that integrates intelligent energy consumption diagnosis and precise personalized service -- "Electricity Bill Manager" in our city. ", to help enterprises carry out "one-key physical examination", reduce the cost of electricity consumption of private enterprises, and support the development of small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.

  Recently, the State Grid Taizhou Power Supply Company, through the data analysis of the "Electricity Charge Steward", found that the average price of electricity charges of Zhejiang Dongjie Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. According to the proposal, through the "one-key physical examination", it is found that the user has a "strength adjustment assessment" electricity bill. After on-site service, it is found that the cause of the low power factor is the swelling of the capacitor. After replacing the capacitor and adjusting the calculation method of the basic electricity bill, the company expects to save about 5,000 yuan in electricity bills every month, and more than 60,000 yuan in electricity bills for the whole year.

  Wang Fang, General Manager of Zhejiang Dongjie Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.: With this refined electricity consumption "medical checklist", we can analyze whether our current electricity consumption is reasonable based on this electricity consumption data, as well as the information provided by customer service. Optimizing electricity consumption suggestions has also saved us a lot of electricity bills.

  It is understood that the "Electricity Bill Manager" is based on the electric power marketing information system, focusing on the "eight dimensions" of peak and valley electricity prices, capacity demand, power adjustment electricity charges, and average price to households, and deeply analyzes the historical electricity consumption data of users to form an "electricity charge Medical Examination Form", inform users through various forms such as "online information push" + "offline on-site service", assist enterprises to optimize energy consumption, choose "power consumption packages" reasonably, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  Hou Suying, Senior Economist of the Marketing Department of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company: Compared with the previous electricity bills, the "Electricity Bill Manager" has more real-time (accurate) calculations, more refined plans, and more accurate services, and can help users understand every bill . The use of "Electricity Bill Manager" can help reduce the cost of electricity expenses for users, help users shift peaks and fill valleys, rationally allocate power resources, and serve the development of enterprises.

  Relying on an efficient algorithm, the "Electricity Bill Manager" can push the "Electricity Bill Physical Examination Form" to users on a monthly basis, and provide users with better electricity consumption suggestions in a timely manner. Since the "Electricity Bill Manager" was piloted in Taizhou in March this year, it has saved 15 million yuan in electricity costs for enterprises. In the next step, the "Electricity Bill Manager" will be promoted and launched across the province, and it is expected to save enterprises 300 million yuan in electricity costs a year.

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